Montrose Firefighters Association

Who is the Montrose Firefighter’s Association (MFA)?

The MFA is a Non-profit group whose 50+ members are local firefighters volunteering in our community. Our Primary fundraiser is the Black Canyon Sprint Triathlon which is held annually each fall.

Montrose Firefighters’ Association Mission Statement:

The mission of the Montrose Firefighters’ Association is to further support and strengthen the community we live and work in, through public involvement and camaraderie. To keep the history of our community and its fire department alive by maintaining antique vehicles owned by MFA and used for events and parades. All while fulfilling the goals of the Montrose Fire Protection District.

Where do funds raised by the association go?

* Montrose Community Foundation

* MFA Scholarship for a Montrose High School Senior

* Maintain and restore Leapin Lena – An antique and original Montrose Fire Engine owned by MFA

* Shoes for Kids

* Montrose High School Cheerleaders

* Montrose High School Lacrosse team

*Montrose Sheriff’s Posse

* Bel Canto Choir

*United Methodist Youth

* Montrose Medical Mission

* And more to come!

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